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Advocating for A Child Being Bullied

An image of the 5 Steps to Effectively Advocate for A Child Who is Being Bullied

Bullying sucks. We never want to hear about a child being bullied. As a parent, if your child is experiencing bullying it can be a very scary and overwhelming situation. Unfortunately, our Family Support Partners (FSPs) have had a significant increase in calls from parents whose children are being bullied. Not only are they asking the FSPs for guidance on how to support their child through it, but many parents are also finding that their child's school is not reacting to the incident in a way that they are happy with.

When a child is bullied it can have an immediate, and oftentimes long-lasting negative impact on their mental health and it needs to be addressed by adults swiftly. The age-old idea that children will handle it themselves is damaging to both the child who is the bully and the child being bullied. School takes up a lot of our children's time and it is essential that they feel like it is a safe environment in order for them to learn and to grow. If you feel like your child's school is not taking bullying seriously and fixing the situation for your child check out our tip sheet on how to effectively advocate for them.

These tips come directly from parents who have been in the very shoes you are wearing today. We gathered a group of parents who have successfully pushed back on their children's schools to ensure the bullying stopped. With their valuable insight from some hard-learned lessons, we created the 5 steps a parent needs to take to make sure their child's bullying is taken seriously.

This downloadable, printable, and shareable document clearly lines out everything you will need to get started. It has information on how to find your school's bullying policy, how to properly document interactions with the school, when to escalate, and who to call if it is time to do so. Most importantly, the tip sheet gives you useful ideas on how you can support your child through such a stressful time.

These parents have made wrongs moves, they've wasted money and time, and they've sat on hold with people who were not able to help them. They navigated what it was like to advocate for a child being bullied with no support or guidance. They did what had to be done to help their children and they are eager to share with other parents what they learned along the way. Parenting is the hardest job in the world and hopefully, the insight that these parents have learned can help you help your child feel safe at school again.

If you are looking for personalized 1 on 1 support for your child's particular bullying experiences reach out to our Family Support Partners at 570-664-8615 or book a time to talk with them here. Services are confidential and at no charge to you!


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