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Why Are Social Events Hard For My Child?

If you've every asked yourself this question, "Why are social events are hard for my child?" - you are in the right place. We've struggled with that question too. We understand that things like school dances, sports games, prom, graduation, parties and everything else is a time where your child is supposed to be having a lot of fun. We also know that for a child who struggles with their mental health it can cause a lot anxiety, and be a huge drain on their energy.

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Use these tips and resources to help your child navigate their next social event successfully, while showing them that you are on their team!

1.Understanding your child's social battery

A social battery is a metaphor for the amount of time and energy someone is able to put into socializing until they feel mentally and sometimes physically drained. If you have an introverted child you may have experienced their social battery running out in the form of them getting quiet, having a meltdown, becoming irritable, or getting anxious. After not being very social for a couple of years we are hearing that many introverted children are struggling more than they were before with their social batteries.


That is why we scoured the internet and asked our network of parents, and professionals to give us their best tips for preserving a child's social battery. While this concept may be a new one for you to hear; it could have drastic impacts on your child's or young adult child's mental health.


The good news is - you can help! By learning about social batteries and having a discussion with your child you can be their teammate and ally in fighting off meltdowns. Check out our tip sheet full of tips from parents and experts around the state on how you can better understand and help your child with their social battery.


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2. Friendship eBook

With big events come socializing, and that can cause a lot of anxiety for a child who struggles to make friends. As parents ourselves we know that it is so difficult to sit back and watch your child have a hard time making and keeping friends. However, it can also be difficult to determine when it is appropriate to step in and help.


That is why we partnered with parents and experts across the state to create our FREE and INTERACTIVE eBook. This eBook includes tips and tricks that have actually worked for other parents, tips you could try out today in your own family to help your child prepare for socializing at big events.



3. Depression and Hygiene

Social events usually create a lot of pressure for children and young adults to "fit in" with their peers. One thing that a lot of them do is focus on how they look in comparison to everyone else. This can be difficult for any child's self esteem, but especially for a child who struggles with their energy levels and or depression.

toothbrush and toothpaste

Depression and struggles with hygiene can often go hand and hand for many people, including children who struggle with depression. Check out this blog on Depression and Hygiene to learn more about how depression could be impacting your child's hygiene and what you can do to help them prepare for upcoming social events (and just in general) to feel their best.


4. A low key way to ask for help

When you were a kid did you ever blame your parents for not being allowed to go somewhere or do something? Maybe your social battery was empty, maybe you were feeling tired, or maybe you just didn't want to go and be around that group of people. It is SO much easier to say "sorry, my parents said no." than tell your friends that you don't want to go. Being truthful runs the risk of children feeling "uncool" in front of their friends, or could even hurt their friend's feelings in a way your child doesn't mean to.


That is why having a family code word can be a game changer and help your child to know like you're on their team. By utilizing this easy to implement tool you allow your child to be in control of any social situation, without feeling like they have to sacrifice "being cool" in front of their friends. Check out the video below to learn how you can create a code word today!

Social events can be exciting, anxiety inducing, fun, or social battery draining. Show your child you are on their team no matter how they feel and set them up for success by using the tips we've shared.


If you would like to get more helpful resources like these join our FREE community of parents who know what it's like to raise a child who is struggling with their mental health click here. Our community is going to be so much stronger with you in it!

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