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Get Personalized One on One Support

From a Family Support
Partner (FSP) Who Understands

I'm worried about my child

We understand the isolation parents may feel while raising a child who is struggling because we've been there. Parents and caregivers report that during particularly difficult moments, they feel even more alone. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. The PA Parent and Family Alliance is here to help. 

You can talk with your FSP about your worries and concerns surrounding your child’s struggles, receive input on balancing your personal and family responsibilities, guide you in identifying and finding appropriate services in your area and/or for a specific diagnosis or appropriate assistance.

Need someone to listen? You and your Family Support Provider (FSP) as a sounding board who will listen as you talk through whatever you are worried about. Our Family Support Partners get it. We use our training and real-world experience from raising a child with challenges to guide you to the right solutions and support for you and your family.

Find help here

You can reach us in a variety of ways to work one on one remotely with an FSP. Call the Parent Support Line at 570-664-8615 anytime and leave a message or Monday - Friday between 11 am and 1 pm for a lunchtime conversation, schedule a time to talk with us or send us an inquiry form and one of our FSP's will call you back. Whichever way works best for you, our services are always free and confidential. There’s no obligation to commit to talking with someone for a particular length of time.

Not sure if we can help? Contact us anyway. If we can't help, we'll work with you to find someone who can. 

*Please note: The Parent Support Line is not a crisis line. If your question or situation is urgent and requires immediate assistance or support, please dial 911.

Ice Waves

What's it like to work with a Family Support Partner?

"Talking with my FSP helped me realize that there are many parents like me who struggle every day to care for children with anxiety or ADHD."


"Being able to talk to someone who 'gets it' can be very powerful in validating the overwhelming feelings that you have when living with someone who struggles with their mental health. I'm glad that I reached out."


"Working with an FSP allowed me to be supported by someone who understood what I was going through and helped me prepare for our IEP meetings and really get the services my child living with depression needed to learn."

Call the Parent Support Line 
570-664-8615 (888-273-2361) or

Schedule a Time to Talk Below 

Our Family Support Partners (FSP's) are just that, partners. They are parents who have raised or are raising a child with challenges that may be similar to the ones your family is encountering. FSP's have received extensive training to help you learn more about your child's challenges and understand available resources and how they work. 

Pick a day and time that works with your busy schedule and we'll call you. There are never any charges for our services.


Remember FSP support is personalized to your needs. 

Worried mom at her laptop with a young boy sitting next to her
Family at home

Our Promise To You

At the Parent Alliance, we are parents helping parents. Our Family Support Partners (FSP's) are highly-trained professionals. And equally important, they are parents themselves. All Family Support Partners share the lived experience of navigating their child’s mental health challenge.

When you contact the Parent Alliance, you can expect:

  • A quick and timely response. Whether you call us, email us, or reach out through our website, we will get back to you within one business day. There’s no waitlist because we know that your child’s wellbeing can’t wait.

  • A guide and advocate who is in your corner. When you reach out, we pair you with a Family Support Partner—a professional resource navigator with lived experience who will listen to you, validate what you are feeling, and work with you to identify the best next step to support your child.

  • A roadmap that leads to the best possible support for your child. We don’t have all the answers. No one does. But we will partner with you to identify the best next step.

  • A true partnership. Your child’s wellbeing will always be a priority, and we are with you through the long-haul. While other services are temporary or cease when your child “ages out,” the Parent Alliance supports you for as long as you need—we even support parents of adult children.

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