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Mother and Son

Join our team!

Who we are:

We are parents/primary caregivers who use our lived experience of raising a child(ren) with social, emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges to help other parents/primary caregivers facing similar challenges. 

Our team members are comfortable using technology and working both remotely and in person. We receive extensive training in order to be able to work confidently one on one with parents and share our knowledge in writing and verbally. We're comfortable being on camera interacting during meetings, webinars and trainings. We are comfortable talking about the challenges we experienced managing our children's multi-system needs such as school issues, the juvenile justice system, child welfare, finding therapists, residential treatment facilities, psychiatric hospitals, etc. And most importantly we're lifelong learners always ready to try something new.

Our team members come from all over the state and interact on a regular basis to support, share, educate and encourage one another. We strongly believe in work/life balance, fair pay and the importance of the services we offer.

 We do not have any openings at the moment.

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