Upcoming Events

PA Parent and Family Alliance is continually working on adding exciting and informative events for our families. We encourage you to check this page often, and sign-up for our newsletter to stay in the know for any newly added events.

  • Parent/Primary Caregiver Support Group
    Multiple Dates
    Mon, Nov 29
    Join a group of parents who have children who are struggling Mondays at 7 pm for support, listening, and encouragement. All parents/primary caregivers are welcome! We'll start as one group and then split into groups for parents of children under 18 and 18+.
  • Navigating Holiday Gatherings When Your Teen or Young Adult is Struggling
    Wed, Dec 08
    While it's nice to be able to spend the holidays with family when you have a teen or young adult who is struggling it can present some challenges. This one hour webinar will discuss the; potential benefits of holiday celebrations, how the holidays can be challenging for your teen, young adult....