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PA Parent and Family Alliance

What can we help your family with today?

When a child is struggling, it is up to the parents to help them manage - and ultimately thrive. However, in the state of Pennsylvania, finding resources can be a challenge.

Places where parents normally turn for information—schools, hospitals, and social services—can often be difficult to navigate and involve long wait times. Moreover, they usually don’t understand what parents are experiencing in their quest to support their child throughout their entire life, not just right now.


At the PA Parent and Family Alliance, we understand. We offer one-of-a-kind, FREE resources for parents whose children are experiencing mental health challenges because we believe that parents are the best advocates for their children. And to be your child’s best advocate, you need tools and guidance. That’s where we come in.

What can we help your family with today?

Here’s how we’ve helped families across the state of Pennsylvania. We are here to help you too.

Becky tried everything she could…

Becky hates to admit it now but at first, she kind of agreed with her friends and family. She thought maybe her son was being lazy and that's why he wouldn't get out of bed.  So, she set out on a mission to "fix" it all. She bulldozed into his room and ripped open the curtains, letting in some much-needed sunlight. She made her son help her as they took down every dirty dish, scrubbed every surface, and let in as much fresh air as possible. That night Becky went to bed thinking tomorrow would be different for her son. But it wasn't. He still didn't get out of bed. The clean sheets and fresh air didn't have the effect that Becky was hoping for. Becky didn't know what to do next. It felt like uncharted waters for her. She started tirelessly Googling ways to help, and she found the Parent Alliance's website through a blog about what to do if you couldn't get your child to go to school.  She read through the article in tears because for the first time in a long time she felt like it wasn't just her - other parents were dealing with this too.  It wasn't because she was a bad mom, or that her son was lazy. She saw now that he needed help.  After poking around on the website Becky learned more about The Parent Alliance and decided that the next day, she would give us a call.  The Parent Alliance helped her recognize that what her son was struggling with might be depression. Becky was ready to spring into action but wasn't sure what her best next step was. The Parent Alliance helped Becky understand her options to get her son help. Becky, with the support and guidance from the Parent Alliance, got her son on a waitlist to see a specialist as we made sure that Becky too had all the support she needed. Her son now is finding joy in things he once loved and lighting up when he talks about video games.  He's getting out of bed, and when he feels like he can't he now knows he can turn to his mom for help.


John did not expect this…

John has a 15-year-old daughter who struggles with her mental health. Despite her having an IEP for emotional impairment, his daughter was in regular ed with very limited emotional support. Her school had never followed her IEP, despite John's exhaustive efforts to stay on top of it. His daughter was constantly anxious about school, and she was always trying to convince John that she had a stomachache and could not go. Then one day out of the blue, John received extremely distressing news from his daughter's school. His daughter was facing suspension and expulsion for possessing illegal substances. John thought it was possible that his daughter was trying to self-medicate with the illegal substance to try and alleviate some of her school related anxiety. John reached out to the Parent Alliance and immediately got partnered with a Family Support Partner. They worked together to explore options, create task lists, and his FSP virtually attended his daughter’s FSP meeting with him. John, with the full support of his FSP in the Zoom call with them, emphasized his daughter’s needs and requested adjustments to her IEP. John’s FSP suggested that John provide documentation from Emily's psychiatrist and medical doctor to prove that her behavior was a manifestation of her disability. The school acknowledged that his daughter’s actions manifested from her disability. Consequently, the expulsion was overturned, and his daughter was placed in the PATH Day Education Program, which aligned with her IEP needs. His daughter is happy with her new placement, and she feels so much better about going to school now.


Kristy pushed back on the school…

Kristy didn’t need to handle this alone, and neither do you.

 Lisa was told she couldn’t see her 14-year-old daughter…

Lisa was living every parent’s worst nightmare. The Parent Alliance was there to help her get the answers she needed ASAP.

Suizy was getting sued for Truancy…

Suizy was overwhelmed to say the least. We were there to help.

Already booked your time to talk? Excellent – we can’t wait to connect with you! In the meantime, check out some of our most talked about resources! 

A Parent's Guide to Navigating the Juvenile Justice System

Interactions between law enforcement and your child can be very scary, especially for a child who has a mental health challenge.


 It is best to prepare your child ahead of time for what they could expect if they ever were to have an interaction with law enforcement.

Join our community of parents who get it! 

Parenting a child who struggles with their mental health can be very isolating. We know that, because we've felt it ourselves. 

But, it doesn't have to be. Join our FREE community today to get updates, and connect with other parents who know what it's like. 

Tip Sheets

You don't have time for another Google search that leads nowhere. 

Check out our tip sheets made by parents for parents on all kinds of topics that can impact a child's mental health.


Is parenting what you expected? No? Us neither. Check out our Podcast This is Not What I was Expecting.


Whether you're in a parking lot waiting for your child or in between meetings, these bite sized episodes were made for you.

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