PA Parent and Family Alliance

is a state-wide program of the

Allegheny Family Network


We are grateful for the financial support from SAMHSA, OMHSAS, and the PA Care Partnership

425 N Craig St. Suite 500

Pittsburgh, PA 15213 

Tel: 412-438-6129   

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You have it in you to become a leader. The most effective leaders have personal or lived experience. Here are a few learning tools focusing on leadership to get you started.  

Portrait of Young Businesswoman

How to not feel invisible - Make sure your voice is heard

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International Association of Women

Mother and Son

Learn how one parent's quest for help lead her to help others. 

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Can you believe that your lived-experience could help and inspire others?

Hand Pile of Happy Group

Here are a few lessons learned to help create a thriving grassroots group.

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Grassroots Parent Organizing


One mom's story of how she became a parent leader and how it inspires her family.

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The Power of Parent Leadership