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Spread Some Love this Valentine's Day! 

When they said parenting takes a village - they weren't kidding. Raising a child who struggles with their mental health is not an easy task and it can make such a huge difference if you have someone in your corner. 


If you are one of the lucky ones who have supportive family members, friends, neighbors, or even colleagues - send them an e-Valentine this Valentine's Day!

By giving just $5 you can remind someone you love that their effort does not go noticed. All while supporting children's mental health all across Pennsylvania in their honor


Select the card you like, write a message to them - and we'll take it from there! We will make sure they get your eCard on Valentine's Day. Hey - it will even save you a trip to the store, and who doesn't love that? 



Your donations are secure.

Are you a part of a great parent's support system?


Check out our card option for letting another parent know that you see all the hard work they are doing! You know as well as we do that they do not hear that nearly enough! 

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