Resources of Dad

Being a parent is never easy, and finding information tailored, especially for dads, can be challenging. Below you will find an abundance of resources that speak directly to those challenges and find the support you need.

Dads Care How To

We know being a parent especially right now isn't easy. So here's a resource of how-to videos for dads by dads. Because #DadsCare How To get through this together. 


Advice on how you can take an active roll in your child's recovery/wellness

We asked dads to share the tips they share with their friends about being active in their child's mental health treatment. Read those tips here. 

Fatherhood: The impact of fathers on children's mental health

This briefing paper explores the direct and indirect impact of fathers on children's mental health, from positive supervision and language development, to emotionally buffering mother and child against environmental stresses. 

Dad Group Resources

Providing advocacy, community, education and support for families where the fathers are primary caregivers for their children. 


Dad Gang

Here is a place where we encourage, teach, support and share tips that can help all fathers become better dads. Here, we defy stereotypes, shatter myths and celebrate black fatherhood everyday. 


Engaging Fathers

Children and young people's mental health and wellbeing is enhanced when fathers take a strong interest in their development and learning. 

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