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Doing Homework

From Dad to Dad

We asked dads to share the tips they share with their friends about being active in their child's mental health treatment..

There is no such thing as a "dad" job or "mom" job. Either parent can pick up the phone and call the insurance company to get a list of approved therapists. Don't just be involved when a problem arises.  Do the fun stuff too!

You have a different perspective than your partner and can notice symptoms that they don't. Attending therapy and appointments and offering your insights can help everybody involved.

Replace the words "I have to.." with "I get to.." Don't let your child see you get annoyed by things you have to do with and for them, they are a blessing, not a burden.

Learn effective co-parenting skills.  If you are lucky enough to have a teammate in raising a child respect them and work together.​

Father and Son
Father & Son Gaming

There is no cookie-cutter way of parenting. It is okay to be sad or scared or confused if things don't go as expected. Find someone you can share your struggles and wins with. It gets easier the more you get involved.​ Practice does not make perfect but it does make it easier for both you and your child.

You can't save someone from a sinking ship. Take a look at your own mental health and carve out some time to make it a priority.

Raising a child with mental, emotional, behavioral, or social challenges can take a toll on your own mental health. It's good to check in now and then, or more often if need be.