The mission of the PA Parent and Family Alliance is to elevate and connect the voices of families of children, youth, and young adults who have social, behavioral, emotional, and learning challenges to resources, to each other, and to collaborative community partners across

the State of Pennsylvania.


Our state-wide organization began when families of children with social, emotional, behavioral and learning challenges began uniting in their local communities to support one another in their efforts to access services. Some of the families banded together to form their own family run organizations, some worked alone, and some joined existing agencies and organizations where they were able to share the strength and wisdom that only comes from experience. They had hopes that all families would be valued and embraced as the experts that they indeed were in knowing and understanding the needs of their loved ones. These hardworking, active, and loving caregivers led the way for what is now the vision of PA Parent and Family Alliance.


Are you looking for a place to find the resources you need and a place to connect to fellow experienced parents?


Are you an organization looking to help build a network and world that supports families with diverse needs here in Pennsylvania?


When we use the word “family” please know that we understand that all families are unique. We see “family” as someone who is or has been the primary caregiver of a child or young adult who has social, emotional, behavior and learning challenges. “Families” may include birth parents, adoptive parents, divorced parents, and step-parents alike. In addition, two-mom families, two-dad families, single-parent families, blended families, foster families, guardians and families in which a grandparent is the primary caregiver also make up our definition of family.

We warmly welcome all families inclusively and openly.

PA Parent and Family Alliance

is a state-wide program of the

Allegheny Family Network


We are grateful for the financial support from SAMHSA and the PA Care Partnership

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Parent Support Line 888-273-2361 

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