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What Are Your Back-to-School Options?

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The back-to-school season is always stressful for parents. From the financial strain of getting school supplies to getting your child back on a schedule - it is a lot of change in a little bit of time. This back-to-school season has an added level of stress that has been caused by the pandemic. We can all speculate but nobody truly knows what the fall is going to look like. The unknown is scary for both you and your child and we want to remind you that you are not alone if you are feeling overwhelmed the closer and closer we get to the end of August. One positive to come out of the past two years is that parents realized that they have options when it comes to their children's schooling. Unless you were sending your child to a private school everybody just figured that whatever district you lived in was where you went.

Where to start: The FIVE Flavors of Homeschooling - **Watch this video and take the quiz at the end to help you determine what style fits you and your family best**   Useful Terms:  Traditional Classical Unit Studies Charlotte Mason Distance/Online/Cyber Learning Spiral versus Mastery based curriculum  Secular vs. Religious vs. Neutral  Curriculum Guides: Cathy Duffy's Reviews - Extensive List of Homeschool Curriculums Reviews   "" - Homeschool Mom and Blogger’s YouTube videos comparing multiple curriculums by subject.  Facebook Groups - There are many homeschool groups on Facebook that are full of great information and advice from experienced homeschool parent. You can join a group based on a curriculum you are interested in or join a general on and search for reviews.  Traditional Curriculums usually have "Advisors" to speak with who can help guide you and answer any questions. When you go to their website- you can find the contact information and get direct/live help.  Other Resources: PA Homeschool Laws What you need to do to Homeschool in PA Quick Start Guide to Homeschooling - CHAPS (Christian Homeschool Assoc. of PA) Website Special Education Information  Are you a working parent overwhelmed by homeschooling? Check out this Facebook Page; Working Homeschool Mom Club
Homeschooling Tip Sheet

For a clickable and downloadable version click here.

For a Spanish version click here.

Questions to consider when choosing which Cyber Charter school is right for your family: What does a typical day look like? What are the requirements (academic/ hourly)?  How much parent-led learning is needed?  What are the technical requirements needed to use this program? Do you provide anything that helps meet those requirements (ie. Laptop, Internet Service Reimbursement?) Are there live lessons with teachers? Are they recorded in case they are missed? How accessible are the teachers? Are they experienced in teaching online? Can kids interact with each other? What enrichment programs or social opportunities do you offer? Can I speak to a current family member? What programs do you have in place for those students who struggle or need supports? How do the academics/test scores/graduation rates compare to other schools you are       considering?
Charter School Tip Sheet

For a clickable and downloadable version click here.

For a Spanish version click here.

After managing distance learning this past school year, parents feel more empowered to make decisions about their children's education and recognized that there are several options out there. As always we want to get you the resources you need to make the best possible decisions for your family. That is why we created two tip sheets full of information on both homeschooling and charter schooling options. These are major, time-sensitive decisions to be made so if you want to speak with a nonjudgmental parent who gets what you're going through; reach out to one of our Family Support Partners.


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