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These Upcoming Events were made for you!

These free, educational webinars and events are open to the public (unless otherwise noted) and recommended for parents who have children who are struggling with their mental health. If you'd like to attend an upcoming webinar, simply register following the instructions and you'll receive an invitation via email. Unless otherwise noted webinars are recorded for future viewing.

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Helping Your Child Make and Keep Healthy Friendships eBook

A child who struggles with their mental health may also struggle to make friends - which only adds to the challenges they are facing.
As parents ourselves we know that it is so difficult to sit back and watch your child have a hard time making and keeping friends. However, it can also be difficult to determine when it is appropriate to step in and help.

That is why we partnered with parents and experts across the state to create this FREE and INTERACTIVE eBook. This eBook includes tips and tricks that have actually worked for other parents, tips you could try out today in your own family! 


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